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Your Funeral Wishes

Updated: Jul 5

a funeral bouquet of lilies

Grieving families left with the burden and stress stress of planning a funeral are often left guessing what the deceased would have wanted.


What kind of service they would want? What they would like to be wearing? Where they would like to be buried? The list can go on and on. You can save your loved ones so much trouble by letting them know your wishes for arrangements while you still can. Your family can plan the funeral knowing that it was you wanted and focus their time trying to overcome their grief.

Compassion and Support

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors is a well-established funeral home, with years of experience in providing respectful services. By training our staff to the highest industry standards, we will ensure that your arrangements will be handled with excellent care and compassion. We understand how painful losing a loved one can be, and are dedicated to making the process of organizing a funeral as simple as possible


Our Funeral Arrangements

Burial or Cremation: When choosing between cremation or burial, it can be useful to think about where you would like to be laid to rest. Whether you want your ashes scattered in a place you love or you want to be buried with family. It is important to keep in mind that this is where your family and friends will visit you for years to come.

Viewing: Would you like a viewing? A viewing gives friends and family an opportunity to say their goodbyes (If yes, it is recommended that your remains is hygienically treated to give you a more peaceful appearance and help the chance of any deterioration). You may also decide what clothes, hair or makeup you would like to wear. This is your chance to decide how you are presented.

Funeral Service: Paper notices share your funeral arrangements with the public, informing people who know you but may not be directly notified of your arrangements so they can pay their respects. Notices can be placed in the Evening Herald, Irish Times,, Irish Independent, or another publication of your choice.

Prepaid Funerals: Funeral costs can burden families during this difficult time. Arranging a prepaid plan with a funeral director can offer your loved ones some much-needed relief.

Funeral Vehicles: Whether you choose a motor hearse or a horse-drawn hearse, each will provide you with a dignified send-off.

Flowers: Traditionally, leaving flowers is a way for friends and family to pay their respects, but you can also ask for your loved ones to donate to a cause of your choice.


Our Locations

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors has been serving Dublin communities for nearly 15 years. We have been honoured to offer support and understanding to all during a very difficult time in their lives. We have funeral homes located in Crumlin, Tallaght and Clondalkin.

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