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Funeral Home in Dublin

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors offer respectful and compassionate funeral home services in Dublin. To discuss arrangements, please get in touch with our offices today.

Funeral Home

A Dublin funeral home is a business that provides a range of services to assist families in planning and holding a funeral for their loved one. These services may include:

  • Meeting with the deceased's family to discuss their needs and preferences for the funeral

  • Helping the family select a coffin or urn and making arrangements for the burial or cremation

  • Coordinating with clergy or other officiants to plan the funeral service

  • Making arrangements for the transportation of the body to the funeral service and the cemetery or crematorium

  • Dressing and grooming the body as requested by the family

  • Handling the necessary paperwork, including filing the death certificate

  • Maintaining records and financial accounts related to the funeral

  • Providing a venue for the funeral service, visitation, or wake

  • Arranging for the burial or cremation to take place

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors offers various services, such as floral arrangements, printing memorial materials, helping write obituaries and providing headstones. Contact us today for more information on our Funeral home packages.

For additional information on our suite of funeral home service, please get in touch with us directly on:

Funeral Home FAQ

In Ireland, how long do the remains usually stay in a funeral home

In Ireland, the remains of the deceased typically remain in the funeral home until the day of the funeral. The length of time that the remains are kept at the funeral home may depend on various factors, including the family's preferences, the arrangements for the funeral service, and any necessary preparations that need to be made for the body.

If the family has chosen to have a visitation or wake before the funeral service, the remains may be kept at the funeral home for extended periods to allow friends and family members to pay their respects. In some cases, the remains may be transferred to another location, such as a church or a private home, for visitation or wake.

We have relatives coming from overseas. Can we delay the funeral?

Yes, Brian McElroy Funeral Directors always does our utmost to be as flexible and understanding as possible. The funeral date can be arranged with your extended family's travel arrangements in mind.

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