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cremation services in Dublin

To discuss cremation options with one of our funeral experts, please contact our offices today.


When cremation is your chosen choice.

You must contact a Funeral Director who we ensure all statutory (legal) requirements are met.

Before cremation can take place, forms must be signed by a medical referee who will ensure that the attending doctor viewed the deceased both before and after death has taken place, completed the medical certificate and the necessary form stating that there is no reason why the deceased should not be cremated.

The attending doctor is required to examine whether or not the death should be notified to the coroner.

All the crematoria have a chapel or chapels where the service can take place. This can be a short prayer service, following a service or mass in Church, or the main service or mass can take place in the crematorium chapel. Families may supply CD's with their own preference of music to be played in the crematorium chapel.

There are four Crematoria in Dublin.
Mount Jerome, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W. (ph. 01 497 1269 or
Glasnevin, Finglas Road, Dublin 11. (ph. 01 830 1363 or

Newlands Cross, Ballymount, Dublin 24 (ph. 01 459 2288 or

Dardistown Crematorium, Swords

After Cremation
Ashes are usually available five days after the cremation service. Families may choose to keep Ashes at home, have them scattered in a chosen place, interred in a Family Grave, Columbarium wall or Garden of Remembrance.

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors is available 24 hours a day. 

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