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Monuments & Headstones

Headstone Cleaning & Restoration

We offer a complete renovation and repair service to ensure your headstone is restored to its original condition. Brian McElroy Memorials will inspect your headstone or monument and recommend if it needs cleaning, renovation, or repainting. 

Overtime, the weather will have an adverse effect on the appearance of headstones. The stone often becomes discoloured and the lettering may become eroded or indistinct altogether. It is important to look after your loved ones resting place and keep it maintained at all times. With our cleaning and restoration services you can rest assured that your loved one's grave will be cared for with respect.  At Brian McElroy Memorials, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. As a result, we have earned a reputation as professional and capable craftsmen.

Our skilled stonemasons can provide a full cleaning and restoration service for your family headstone that includes:

  • Cleaning

  • Repainting of existing inscriptions

  • Replacement kerbing

  • New chippings

  • Additional inscriptions

  • Headstone Renovations

  • Concreting the grave surface

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